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The New Peninsula Clubhouse Construction Continues

Posted by 2 years ago. (Back to all articles...)



Roof trusses for The Peninsula's 33,000 sq. ft. clubhouse were just brought in a week ago ... but the structure is shaping up rapidly, and sheathing already covers most of the roof! 



It's a cool and very windy day today (Feb. 26th) and I admire the workers for being out there.  The forecast calls for a warming tend over the weekend ... I am sure I will see the golfers out on the course this Saturday and Sunday. 

The grass is greening up, and I've even seen the first daffodils blooming.  Looks like Punxatawny Phil may have been the best weather forecaster, with spring just about 3-1/2 weeks away!

Here's a new photo, just taken on March 8th -- a mostly sunny day in the mid-70's.  Construction is progressing along well.

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