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Helpful Tips for Homeowners

Posted by 5 months ago. (Back to all articles...)

A friendly home inspector - Tim Harriger of Home Seal Services - recently gave my clients and me a copy of his "Tips from Tim."  They've bee gleaned from his years of personal experience.  Here are a few of my favorites -- I hope they're useful to you.

  • Fiberglass tub surrounds or showers and their doors are nothing more than a glorified Corvette.  Once the walls and doors are clean, if you give the walls and doors a coat of car was, the soap scum will not stick so cleaning will be easier.  If the doors are clear glass, Tim recommends Rain-X instead of car wax, as some car waxes may streak on clear glass.  In any case, you should be sure to scrub the floor after applying wax or Rain-X, so you don't end up slipping!
  • Car wax is good for protecting polished metal surfaces on your home's exterior (new door knobs, kick plates, some light fixtures, etc.)  They come coated with a coat of lacquer, and using wax twice a year will keep them looking new longer.
  • We all know that WD-40 has a million uses -- but for doors and windows that are hard to work, Tim recommends using a spray silicone instead.  He says that spray silicone goes on with a liquid that is similar to alcohol, which will evaporate, leaving the dry silicone behind.  The WD-40 is oil based, and never dries.  As it collects salt, sand, etc., it will "gunk up" over time.

I'd love to hear how Tim's Tips work for you - and if you've got some time & money-saving tips of your own, please send them to me at>

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